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Branding & Packaging

Sarah Ambichl is one of those superheroes it takes to get a brand like MeinFellkind off the ground: She works virtually around the clock, prioritises the best ingredients and understands that more is needed when it comes to man's best friend - dogs.

MeinFellkind was due for a redesign in 2023, and I was delighted to be on board as the designer.


The labels should convey a personal and very sweet feeling - even though we had a hard time parting with the dogs from the original logo, the MeinFellkind family now consists of many new dogs. The shape of the dog is derived from the main ingredient of the respective treat. Then there are the outlines, small accessories that emphasise the benefit (in this case "The Beauty") and voilá: A label design system is born. 


The new logo is strongly orientated towards the design system of the labels. The little yellow dog now adorns every lid of the treat boxes and can be used alone or with lettering.

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